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"Pharmacist" three scriptures

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[尔,, 阿难 白佛言: "Shi Zun! When is this method? I will wait for the cloud?" The Buddha Auntie: "This method said that the pharmacist glazed light is coming to merit me; also says twelve gods Will Rao Yisheng Wishing God; also removes all the industries; if you hold! " This verse is said that Afen is asking Buddha: "Shi Zun, how should we call this method? How should we hold this method?" The Buddha said: "There are three names in this method. Form. We know that in order to let the Fa-rectification can flow, let the Factivation can always be sentient with live beings, and the wivesses flow in the world, they must be in the next method, as an outline, so that all beings are better, so the Afen is a mass I would like to ask the Buddha's name. After the name, you can consider the essential symbol. The filings mentioned in the scriptures can be covered, and there is a master of the Great Wisdom. When you listen to the name, you can understand the Chinese righteousness, and you will not forget. Therefore, it is also important to hold the name of the lane. Let's take a look at the three famous names shown in the Buddha: First, "pharmacist glazed light is coming to merit" As mentioned earlier, this name is included in the sorrowful cause of the pharmacist Buddha. Among them, I would like to work hard, that is, the 12th wishes issued by the pharmacist Buddha. The pharmacist Buddha is a medication for the treatment of all diseases. It is the sadness of the madness by the Nanlu law. This is sad; the glazing light is highlighted. Second, "Twelve God will rare and have a wish" The 12th God will be ignorant and hopeful, this is the meaning of the 12th God to protect the pharmacist's skills, this is the merits of the protection. Third, "Putting all the industries" Pulling all hardships is one of the merits of the pharmacist method, the first scriptures also contain this layer meaning. Therefore, this is named "Pharmacist Liu Light". We keep in mind the three names of this pass, respectful, the past life, the cultivation of this life, will also be eliminated because of the merits of the pharmacist, the blessing is also growing, so this method is also "Removing all indigenous". This is the three names of the pharmacist, covering all aspects of the pharmacist method, we can further understand the general understanding of the pharmacist method. This is the compassion of the world, the teaching of the disciples of the later generations.