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Reading Amitabha is to read all the Buddhas

Date : 2021-11-09 14:25:51     Views :
Reading Amitabha is to read all the Buddhas 第1张
When we read the view of Amitabha, we must think that I am Amitabha. I can read I am Amitabha. The Buddha is also Amitabha. Can be one. Amitabha is everything, saying that there is no amount of light, no wisdom, no amount of fortune, and no longer life.

Therefore, when we often learn Amitabha, learn to learn to learn to learn Pygistoni? When I read Amitabha, I don't forget Sakyamuni. Sakyamuni is the leader of the world, and there is no Sakyamuni Buddha's education. How do we know Amitabha?

When you read Amitabha, it is a ten party, everything, is our respective heart. When we are in a bad body, make a pharmacist, let the pharmacist go, seems to be Amitabha can't cure your disease. The Buddha is also, you have to feel the Buddha, I realized that the Buddha is also a Buddha.

We are talking about "big trip" on the mountain, there is no confidence, the big multiplier is the heart. Maybe everyone will say we have confidence, if there is no confidence to come to return, this is believed, not confidence, confidence is to believe that you are Buddha, this is called. I believe that I am Amitabha when I read Amitabha, Amitabha is me. Amitabha is conscious. Achievement. I am confused now, I causing this, I am not having no one with the Buddha.

Because my heart is Amitabha, this is a Buddha, all sentient beings have a Buddha, since then, I believe that you are Amitabha Buddha, to the heart of Amitabha, read yourself, you are Amitabha, you also read all sentient beings, because everything There are Buddha's temperament that is not a Buddha. Amitabha translated is that there is no amount of light, this no amount of light is not selfish, we all have, just I am worried,

So from the phase, I look at the Buddha is a Buddha, and all beings are all beings, but from the sexual body to see the people with the Buddha. Read Amitabha wants this.