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Huayan San Sheng and Huayan Five Ancestors

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Huayan San Sheng and Huayan Five Ancestors 第1张
Huayan San Sheng

That is, "Hua Yan Jing" refers to the three saints of the Chinese world.

(1) Piglun, the Buddha, Piglun, is all in everything. It is said that the Buddha's troubles are net, the Germans, the body is commensurate, everything can be replaced by the color phase, there is no marginal real merit, is all law equality; this self, it is also known as the body.

(2) Puxian Bodhisattva, with his top, body, we are wealthy, and after the break, it is neighboring in poor holy, he is taught.

(3) Wenshu Shili Bodhisattva, Wenshu's interest is wonderful. With it to see the Buddha's sex, it is full of fidelity, just if it is, it is unbelievable, so it is called wonderful morality.

Punken Buddha is complete, homotiful; Manjushri is mainly Zhi Tie, standing on the left of the Pupuc Zhang's Buddha; Puxian Bodhisattva is responsible for the door, located in the right of the Nairo Buddha.

Huayan five ancestors

Huayan Wuzu is: Huayan ancestors, Du Shun Master; Huayan Erzu, Zieguan; Huayan Sanzu, French Master; Huayan Fourth Ancestors, Chengguan: Huayan Five Ancestors, Zong Master .

Hua Yan's first ancestors Du Shun Master (BC 557 to Saturday), Yongzhou (now Shaanxi Province) Wannang. The common surname Du, the law is law, and the 18th year of age in Zhen Zen in the Sheng Temple. In the life of Zen, Ji Shi people, when the time is "stewed bricks". Sui Wen Dynasty and respects to support the moon. Specialist Huayuan, the "French Guanmen", will fusion Huayuan's high-profile theory, integrating the idea of ​​meditation, and create a "vacuum psycho, the person without chance, and the circumstances" A big morality integrating a gentle theory practice. Tang Zhenguan fourteen years (AD six or four years) is in the volunteer temple, which is deeply respectful, and Tang Taizong is called him to respect.

Huayan Erzuo Ziemei (AD six to Saturday and 668 years), Tianshu (now Gansu). Supreme Master, Yunhua Zun. Children's era likes to have a stump column, bunch to flow into the cover, as a mage, to be a playmaster. When the age of 12, the ancestors were still on the door, and the parents were pleased. Zie is followed by the Songli to the end of the South Mountain to Xiang Zhao Temple, and then followed by the Master of the teacher, and went home two years later. At the age of twenty-seven, I made "Huayan Jing" five volumes, that is, the famous "Huayan Sprint Journal" and became a scale. Other works, nearly more than 20 kinds. In addition to the military, he is not known for his life, and he does not seek findings in his life.

Huayan Sanzu Fat Tibetan Master (AD 64 or 2nd), Kangju people, born in Chang'an. The world is called the National Normal University, the Sin Sage, the National Master, the Master of Fragrances. French Tutang is his name, and the sage is the name given by Wu Zetian emperor. When the master was sixteen years old, he had burned his fingertips before the Hemou Temple, Shaanxi, to express the devout of Buddhism.

Later, I listened to Ziemei to tell "Hua Yan Jing", they will be in his door. The Master of the French Master preached "Huayan" more than 30 times, and Dafa is in the court. Every time, there is, or there is light from the mouth, or you can see the colorful clouds, or feel high. Jinglong two years of the purpose, the collection of hundreds of mages pray for the rain, drought, after seven days, induced road, heavy rain. Zhongzong was very moving, and he was worried about his bodhisattva, and he gave a master number "National Master".

Jing Yun two years (AD seven year year) Winter, the purpose of prays, sincere, snow is the feet. Master Tibetan has a function of temples and the functions of the temple, and there are groups of Zhongzong, Yu East, Western Supper (Changan, Luoyang) and Wu, Yue, Qingliangshan, and build Huashang Temple, collect Buddha Classic. Time people admire, respecting him as "Master Master Huawei Music".

Huayan Fourth Ancestral Master (AD 738-1833), Vietnaman Yin (Zhejiang Shaoxing) people. The law transconstruction, the word is unparalleled, the Qing Diens, the country of the country, the big national teacher, Huayan's Lord. Huayan's teaching method, remote in the French. The Zen Master Baolin Temple in Benzhou is home. Twenty years old, Yu Yichao is in the premium, and the Zen Master is in the Buddha, the Buddha, the Temple, the Temple, the Master of the Tang Temple, and China.

After the homes, the master has a self-motivation, and the "10th" self-motivation will be "Hua Yan Jing" every day. The master is hard to selfish, and finally became a generation of ancestors in Hua Yanzong, Zeng Zhancheng, who studied in Nanshan Law Zong and Nanchan, North Zen, "Three Theory", "Nirvana" and other contemporary.

Obviously, the transconstruction of the masters preached "Huayan" fifty times, set the two or five times of the conference, and the Dynasty, the Dynasty, which was the seventh day.

Master Hua Yan Wuzu Zongmi (AD 78-1841), Guizhou (now Sichuan). The nominal name is the master, the Master of Guishan, the Guifeng Zen Master. At the age of 2, the Temple of Zen is from the Temple of the Temple of the Temple (Sichuan Bazhong). After being quieted, visit Jingan Wei Zhong Zen Master, Luoyang reported the temple Zhen Zen. In the eighth year of the year, he arrived in the Han, and he met the temple of the temple. Zongmi law, Xin Qing, Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi.

Yuan and five years (AD), under the Master of Chengcai, follow the transcript master "Hua Yan", the master praised him: "Can follow me to travel in the Nbit to the Night Tibetan world, only You are alone. "Praise the unparalleled British talents, inheriting the master of cool, Zong Honghua. The teacher also learned the Zen of Zen, and promoted the consistency of Zen, which was uniform.

One of the contributions of Master's life is the brilliance of "round". He is based on "Hua Yan Jing", and the "Yuanji Jing" is a detailed annotation, with "round fierce", "Yuanjue Big Shuxue Bank" and other books, for the history of "round Thai.

Tooother (BD 828), Wen Zong was in the end of the house, asked about the law, because of the purple robe, "Dad". On the sixth day of the first year of Changchang, it was sitting in the Xingfu Tower. Sixty two worldshine. The 裴 相 碑 碑 碑 碑 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 元 中 中 元 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中