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Buddha Fruit - Bodhisattva

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Buddha Fruit - Bodhisattva 第1张
Bodhisattva, there is always forty-one bits due to fruit. That is, ten live, ten lines, ten back, ten place, Buddha. If you open a tenure of the first heart, the first heart, the trust is 10 times, and the end of the tenth place is not open, and it is always 52. But the trust is a 10-lived in the middle of the residence, and it is not not to open. This forty-one, is also a five digits: a grain position, that is, the thirtieth of the forehead.

The second plus line, that is, the four good roots of the first method of repairing the world. Three ways, that is, the first in the first place, there is no way to see the road. Four trials, in the middle of our heart to the middle of the tenth place, the middle of the heart, and practice the wonderful view to disconnect the rules of the balance. Five things, that is, the unpredictableness of the law. The top four is because the last one is fruit. The two bits of the grain and adding are the first Ako. From Tongda to the seventh place, the second Amel is robbed; from the eighth to the tenth place is the third Amo. After three robbery, four bodies, the reputation of the reputation.


Co-grain position: Bodhisattva is a fun certificate, and the special victory of Ford Wisdom is the benefit of the Buddha, so the famous grain is. This bit has thirteen hearts.

First, ten live

In this position, the Bodhisattva is in the heart of the big bodhi, although the six degrees and other lines, it is not enough, but they live.

(1) Staying, sending a big bodhi. Dress the trust in this bit:

1, confidence, smelling the big multiplication, the heart is undoubted.

2, heart, remember the three treasures, Ming Mao did not forget.

3, refined, diligent three industry, from slack.

4, Hui Xin, short, evil, can't afford to see.

5, centering, heart, quiet, from scatter.

6, Shi Xin, waiting for the construction of the contribution to the corruption.

7, call the heart, live the corpse, three industries without any.

8, care, protect the Fa-rectification, and Yu Jiuxin.

9, wish, send four vows.

10, return the heart, the cultivated method, the return, no upper Bodhi.

(2) Treatment of the land, positively guaning three bodies.

(3) Completing, seeing, and repairing six degrees.

(4) Life is expensive, smelling the students.

(5) Easy to stay, it is convenient for him.

(6) Streaming, heart is not moving.

(7) Do not stop, heart is turning. (Do not retreat, the sixth living name, the seventh place is not retreating. The new list of the initial name is not retreating, and the famous names of the eighth place will not be returned) (eight) Tong real live, not induced.

(9) The king of the law lives, and the net is continuing to the Buddha.

(10) Filling, and stroning to have a gift.

Second, ten lines

This bodhisattva, gains a victory in six degrees.

(1) Happy row, with the time of the people, with the merits.

(2) Rao Yizhang, interests all the sentient beings.

(3) There is no row, and the resentment can endure.

(4) Endless line, the unpleasant.

(5) Insperse, the Dachen door has no confusion.

(6) Good current, good and weakness and compact.

(7) There is no line, and the heart is not hindered.

(8) Respect the row, and if it is, if it is, if it is, it is not possible.

(9) Good law, the spirit of the round of the Germans into the track of the Buddhas.

(10) True, if it is, if it can say it.

Three, ten back

This Bodhisattva is practiced, all of which are back.

(1) The ambulance is returned to the people.

(2) It is not bad back, and the middle road is in the middle.

(3) Waiting for all Buddha's back, there is no time, there is a love world.

(4) Going to everything, with great wishes, we will support all the Buddha.

(5) Endlessness and morality, with the first generation, teach the former person.

(6) With the smoothness of the equality, there is no goodness, and it will not fall.

(7) Subshock and other views of all sentient beings return, and equality of hair.

(8) It's true as the opposite direction, and the physical method is equal.

(Nine) No boundlessness, the heart is boundless.

(10) The legal community in the franchise, the body, etc.

Plus position

Plus: The tenth episode is full of heart. Add a line of fun to the fun.

Due to the trouble, such as fire burning, the metaphor of the wisdom, this bodhisattva, no fire, and get the fire, warm name.

The two levels, the name of the view, the meaning, self, the difference is four laws, and the fire will be turned around.

Three tolerance, after the front, the law is compliant to the law.

The first place, wisdom, etc., the most victory.

Tongda bit

Tongda: Tongda confidment will, that is, see it. Seeing the truth of seeing, living in a good place, and the way.


After seeing the road, the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart is the tenth place in the end, and the counting is not separate in order to disconnect the second bar. This trial has ten differences.

First, very happy, into the Buddha's wisdom, first see this.

Second, division, away from dust.

Third, glowing, smart light, winning the net polarity.

Fourth, the flames, Hui flames increase, and the troubles are invincible.

Five, restod, the truth is accurate, it is not the previous four places and wins.

Sixth, now, there is no life.

Seven, long row, and act without pharmaceutical use.

8. Do not move, no shacks continue, do not have phase, function, and troubles.

Nine, good gong, good calibration.

Ten, French, winning the smart, the people, can be worried, the body is satisfactory, such as the clouds. This ten land is covered with ten Borgo (except for hexagle, power, convenience, wisdom)


Is it a Buddha? The Buddha's Bodhisatt Ignore is there without a leak, and the sex is round, what is all, and the merit is the most worthless, the sense of name.

The five-digit, two types of discharmatic, and the second barrier is annoying, and the second bar is annoying. Two de, Niri and Bodhi. Dredger: troubles are disturbances, annoyance is chaos, fundamental troubles and feelings with troubles, do not make the sea. The barrier is a cover, that is, the troubles cover the nirvana. Knowing: The crush of disorders is not allowed, and the obstacles can know the wisdom. This barrier is born, born to Bodhi.

Bodhi is an unhappy, hosted, is born. Bodhi is the eighth knowledge that turns leaks globes. Transfer to the eighth person to become a big round mirror, this wisdom is all the current merits. Transfer seventh recognition into equal sex, this sensation is equal to equalization, and from him equality. The sixth recognition is wonderful, and this intelligence can observe the proximity, share and all roots. Turning before the five readings into the smart, this intelligent achievement is a good thing that is the right wish. Sixty-seven seconds as seeing the road, the top five and the eighth transit into the Buddha.

Nirvana is the truth that is proud, it is what it seems. When the Different Buddha is full, the evidence is true, completely appeared, that is, four Nirvana: Originally, the nirvana, there is Yu Nir, no Yu Niro, there is no living Nirvana.