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"Hong Wi Gate"

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Hong Wi Gate 第1张
The "Anle Collection" of the Zhen Zen Master is the hosted road, the two doors of the pure land.

       The Holy Taoist, the bodhi is also affectionate;

       Pure Turk Door, the pure land, the net, broken, troubled, bodhi.

       Today, the "View" is clear, the industry is clear, the industry is not a, Sanfu nine products, thirteen custom, its own line of products, its business columns.

       First, deal with thirteen viewers, thirteen, Water think, generous, treasure tree, Baodi, treasure building, flower seat, like thinking, real body, Guanyin, potential, general perspective, and negative.

       Second, the three-storey, one is filial, the teacher, the teacher, the heart is not killing, repair ten good industries; the two are hit by three returns, there is a public ring, do not violate the power; the triple bodhi, convinced, convinced, Reading a big multiplier, persuading people.

       The nine products, open one's three blessings, in order to clearly, see "View".

       All in all, in the second goodness, take all the trips to the life, but you can have a good job, and you can work with the corresponding law, you will be born.

       Today, it is self-understanding, the viewer of the custom, the number of thirteen; the industry of solving the work, the category of nine products. Want to enter the door, so that Ma Chi is six dust; you want to see the door of the Shanxi, and you will move the ten evil. Wow quiet, you can't.

       Today, the cause of the three products, the words "the ten evil five-reverse sentient beings, the end of the good knowledge, the ten sounds," I have to read the name of Amitabha, "Is this not my interest?

       Testaine, the vulgarity of the seven times, after the life, the jailer zone to the court of the king, the king of the king: "The first wicker in Nanwu, the seven times, the majestic, the present!" Sili call: "When I am in my life, I saw" The Souvery of the Suspend "" Five Refrair of the Sinner, "said that the name of Amitabha is 10, and I am very happy." I have not made five times in the past seven times. Good roots are thin, read Buddha more than ten sounds. Xunjunruo Yu Yu, the sin of the three Buddhas, the sin of the Buddha! "

What's more? What's more?

"Men and women are expensive, do not speak, no matter what the edges, the cultivation is not difficult;"

       Also, good guidance monk explained "View" cloud:

       Po Po is the main reason, that is, the "main door" of the pure land is wide;
    An Le Emboun, "Hongli" is remarkable.

    Its "Doctors", that is, this "viewing" is also different.
    That is, think of condensed, scattered the evil to adversely: returning two lines, ask for future generations.

    "Hongli", such as "Da Jing" said: Everything is good and evil, and will not be all over the Amitabha.

    Also, Buddhism is deep, the teaching door is difficult, Sanxian Ten Sacred, frivoty, I am a light, I dare to know the interest?

    Yang Wei Xiyager is sent, the Amitabha is to welcome, and the other is doing it.

       In this way, "three" "three doors" is established in "Signaling, Sign". Its "Hongli", "Da Jing" cloud:

       Let me have a Buddha, ten all beings, to my heart, want to live in my country, and even ten readings, if the people are not born, do not take the positive; only the five-inverse, defamation is justified.

       Good guidance and still release cloud:

       If I become a Buddha, ten all beings, call me the name, down to ten, if the people are not born, do not take the positive;
       The Buddha is now, in the world, it is a Buddha.

       Also, the "View" said that after the "fixed two doors":

       The Buddha's opaque: "If you are holding a language, it is true, that is, the name of the Buddha."

       This is the meaning of "Hongli".

       Also, "Great View" of "View":

       Amitabha color like Jinshan, good light, ten parties;
       Only Mon Mon is the most powerful.

       This is also the best of "Hongling".

       Also, "Amitabha" said:

       It is not possible to rarely root Ford because of the country.

       If there is a good man, good woman, heard the Amitabha, holding a name, if the day, if the two or the seven days, one heart is not chaotic: When the person is dead, the heart does not move, you have to live.

       Secondly, through the text, the six-party Henghe Sandy Buddha, each of the long tongues, all over the world, and the sincerity words "should be credited".

       This is also the best of "Hongling".

       Also, "Zhou Zhuan":

       Taxin and Bodhisattva, asked Amitabha: "What is the law, getting a birth?" Amitabha: "I want to live in my country, I am talking about my name, I have a rest, such as my country."

       This is also the purpose of "Hongling".

       Also, the "Big Shengzhu Lin Temple" of the Wutai Mountain "Cloud: Liang Zen Master launches Liangshan, to the Big Zhulin Temple, there are blessings, a good fortune, two difficulties. This bidder is incorporated into the temple, gradually arriving in the hall, see Wenshu's left and right bodhisattva, sitting around, Pu Xian also countless bodhisattva. The law is asked to the second haunter, what is the law?

       Tang Sheng replied: 汝 汝 佛,, 今 今 今 今 是 是 是.

       Ask the law: What is the Buddha?

       Wenju replied: This world is in the west of Amitabha, and the Buddha is incredible, and it is impressed.

       This is what Dasheng Wenshu is also said before the Buddhist Zen Master.

       In a broad, the Hiroshi Gate is a Buddha, and the method of teaching is also in the process of teaching.