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What is Zen, what is Zen?

Date : 2021-11-26 10:14:50     Views :
What is Zen, what is Zen? 第1张
Buddhist tenet, single is one heart. The original, it was successful, the bright, the bright, and there was no dust, and it was clear. This medium has no fascinating life and death, Southam is not easy, and the Buddha is the same, no no. This is all grinding, and it is true that this is true, thinking that Zen. Therefore, for the Emperor Yun: Outlineless. If you can have a thumb, you will never have to die, just when people think about me, that is, as a Buddha. It is not a trip to a diagram, which is not three gradual times, and this zen is going up.

Over the past, Zhu Zu was passed, that is, refers to this heart, thinking that the pass is called Zen. This is not a text, only for the heart, it is conquered by the work, and the beginning of the past, asked: What? Erzuyun: Master of Master. Daily Cloud: Will you come to Qi'an. Two ancestors: I can't afford it. Daily and India, the clouds and 汝安 心. This heart is not able to get a word, it is the refers to the west. Erzu asked: Isn't it convenient? Grinding Cloud: Yushuyan's foreign interest, inner life, heart, such as a wall, can be accepted. This is the first time to teach Zen Zen.

The way to Dawang, so, in addition to this, there is more no way, and the Zen has been taking a long time, and the scholars can't add, so there is a saying of the participation of the meditation. The head is unfained, and one of the ancients will be in the chest. Troubleshooting, is a must. Enter the ginseng, I suddenly turned away for a long time, such as a big dream, that is, the name. Introduction is the use of work, with a ginseng, there is no thing in the heart, saying that there is no no one, it is like it is too virtual, and the ambassador is the drop. It has been aware of self-satisfaction, and it has been robbed and dead.

I realized that I have been like this, I have went to three years since then, and I have been waiting for life, I will never be dealt with, I am called Buddha. This is the end of the meditation, and the life has come since then. If you don't understand this, you will be in a lifetime, and the rotation of six are in a hurry, there is no drop. The so-called life and death, there is no other side, it is said that this is also known.