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The Buddha refused the gold hazel offered by his aunt

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The Buddha refused the gold hazel offered by his aunt 第1张
On one occasion, the Buddha came to his hometown of Kapilavassa and lived in the Nikolu Garden Abode in the south of the city. One day, the Buddha's aunt Mahabajapothi took a brand-new golden yellow garment sewn by herself and asked to give it to the Buddha.

The Buddha told her, “Qu Tannv! This dress should be given to the monks. Giving to the monks is to provide for me and the monks.” However, Mahabajapoti repeatedly insisted on asking the Buddha. Accepting it, the Buddha repeatedly asked her to give to the monks.

At this time, standing behind the Buddha, Venerable Ananda, who fanned the Buddha, said: "Master! Please accept it. Master! Mahabadjapoti Quyen takes care of you a lot, both as your aunt and you. Your nanny and adoptive mother, after your birth mother passed away, the Blessed One was breast-feeding you and nurturing you."

"Yeah, Ananda! The Mahabajapoti Dame girl really took care of me a lot. After my mother passed away, I grew up. Ananda! Mahabajapotee Dame girl was also because of me. Refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, without doubting the Three Jewels, without doubts about suffering, gathering, extinction, Tao, renunciation, stealing, licentiousness, delusion, and wine, and fulfilling faith, precept, practice, hearing, and wisdom. If one wants It is impossible to repay the benefactors of the benefactors who make oneself dependent on the Buddha, Dharma, and monks by means of lifelong respect and provision of the necessities of life.

Furthermore, Ananda! Able to give to 14 individual sentient beings with great merits and great blessings. The fourteen types are: Tathagata, Pichi Buddha, Arahant, Xiang Arahant, Anah, Xiang Anah, Stuhan, Xiang Stuhan, Sudhahuan, Xiangsudhahuan, detachment from desire, and diligence. Practitioners, ordinary people, and beasts. Ananda! If you donate to animals, the size of the blessing you can get is one hundred, then the average person for donation is one thousand, the number of diligent practitioners is one hundred thousand, and the amount of charity is ten trillion. , It is immeasurable, and giving to the Pichi Buddha is also immeasurable, not to mention giving to the Tathagata.

Furthermore, Ananda! Giving to the seven types of monks has great merits and great blessings. Even if there may be some evil monks who are not diligent and nameless among the monks, they also have great merits and great blessings. The seven categories are: 1. The bhikkhus and bhikkhu nuns who gave to the Tathagata when they were alive. 2. The bhikkhus and bhikkhu nuns who donated to the Tathagata soon after they passed away. 3. Give to bhikkhus only. 4. Give to bhikshu nuns only. 5. Name specific bhikkhus and nuns. 6. Name specific bhikkhus. 7. Name a specific bhikkhuni.

Ananda! Giving to any particular individual, the merits and rewards obtained will never be greater than that of giving to the monks. Furthermore, Ananda! There are four kinds of generosity: First, from the pure giver who does the good law, to the evil recipient who does the evil law. This kind of generosity is pure because of the giver. 2. The evil doer who practices evil laws gives to the pure recipients who do good laws. This kind of generosity is pure because of the recipient. 3. The evil doer who does the evil law will give to the evil recipient who does the evil law. This kind of donation, the doer and the recipient are not pure. 4. From the pure giver who does good dharma to the pure recipient who also does good dharma, this kind of giving is pure for both the giver and the recipient.